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Buildings move, and timber-framed houses move the most. The fact that cement-based plasters cannot flex means that cracks can and often will occur at critical joints in the cladding. Since the cladding is directly fixed to the timber framing, cracking generally occurs where the sheets have been joined. Gaps in the plaster at these junctions provide a direct path for moisture to reach the timber framing of your home. This can be distressing and unsightly – especially if you are looking to sell your property. 

At Sound Homes we do it right or not at all!

Plaster Crack Repairs Auckland Wide

There are various avenues to repair your plaster claddings as it is not one size fits all. We will customise our repair plan to suit your home and the numerous factors that may be affecting it. We take the time to work out why the plaster is deteriorating in the first place and fix it correctly – the first time.

We deliver aesthetically impressive, high-quality exterior finishes that stand the test of time, maintaining their good looks and durability, year after year. Ask for a recommendation from one of our hundreds of happy clients that we have helped through this process.

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